Campaigns can be set up from the Campaigns tab in your menu. To create a campaign, you first have to create a Shortlist with the influencers you'd like to include. 

Setting up a campaign is a 5 step process. You can easily navigate back to a previous step in the campaign if you want to make any changes. 

Step 1 - Campaign Name

Start by giving your campaign an easily identifiable name. All campaigns are visible in the campaign overview. 

Step 2 - Invite Influencers

Select one or more Shortlists with influencers that you'd like to include in the campaign.

You can view each influencer's details by clicking on the dropdown arrow.

You can also remove influencers by clicking the X-icon. 

Step 3 - The Brief

Next up is writing a default brief with a budget and delivery date. You can easily edit these defaults for individual influencers in step 4 - Customize. If this is the first time you are contacting influencers on, read our guide on how to send a booking request to an influencer.

Pro tip: Read our Brief Checklist to learn more about how to write a sharp brief. 

Step 4 - Customize Briefs 

You might want to offer different influencers different fees, or change the delivery date for some of the influencers. You might even want to edit the brief itself. E.g. you know the influencer is really good at taking great photos and you want to give this particular influencer more creative freedom than others. 

You can easily make changes to the brief, budget and date in step 4 for individual influencers by clicking on the dropdown arrow of a specific influencer and making the appropriate edits. 

Step 5 - Review Campaign Details

Before completing the campaign setup, you're asked to review the campaign details. When you click Finish and send booking requests, booking requests will be generated for each influencer in your campaign and your campaign setup is complete. You can manage these booking requests from your Dashboard or from the Campaigns Overview.  

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