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Sending a booking request

When you've found an influencer that you want to work with, click Create a booking request.

If you haven't included address information in Settings yet, you'll be asked to add this information before a booking page appears. The booking page consists of Brief, Budget, Date and Payment.


This is where you provide a description of what you want the influencer to do and what you want to accomplish with the booking. We've included brief templates that you can select from the dropdown. You can modify them fit your needs. Have a look at our brief checklist for guidance on how to write a sharp brief.


The influencers' average fee is what they want to get paid for publishing content across their channels once. You are free to offer a lower or higher amount based on the scope of the booking. It is up to the influencer whether they will accept the deviation from average fee. 


Set the date you'd like the influencer to complete the booking. If you state in your brief that you want the influencer to post content multiple times over a period of time, set the date to the day you want the influencer to post the last piece of content. 


Before sending your booking request, you need to add a credit card. We do not charge the card before the influencer accepts the booking request. 

When you've added Brief, Budget, Date and Payment, you're all set to send your booking request. A booking request with status “pending” will be created and the influencer is notified by email. The influencer can choose to accept or decline any booking request they receive.

Follow up on booking requests

You and the influencer can send messages to each other and agree on potential changes in brief, budget and delivery date before the influencer accepts the booking request. You may apply changes to date or budget by clicking the edit button. You can cancel booking requests when the status is Pending, but once the influencer accepts the booking request, you can no longer cancel. Pending booking requests automatically expires after 7 days if the influencer does not respond by accepting or declining your request.

When the booking is accepted by the influencer, the Visa/Mastercard you added will be charged automatically for all amounts below €100. For amounts over €100, you will have to confirm the funding of the booking. A 5% service fee is added to the charge. The funds are placed in an escrow account with our payment provider, Mangopay, where they are kept safe without you or influencer being able to access it. The influencer's address will appear on the booking if you need to send them a product, and the communication about the job can continue through messages within the booking.

When the booking is completed, you will release the payment to the influencer by clicking Mark as completed on the booking. The funds will then automatically be transferred to the influencer. 

You will both be asked to give each other a review that will be visible on your profiles. is built on trust, so it’s important to give honest and fair feedback. Learn more about reviews here

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