After you've created a Campaign, you may want to edit the content of your campaign brief. 

The changes to the brief will not affect the creators who have already been invited to the campaign. The changes will only affect the creators you invite to the campaign in the future. 

If the creators have already accepted the booking requests and you want to make a change in the brief, send a message to the creator explaining what the change is. The creator should send you written confirmation if they accept the change in Messages. 

You can make edits to your campaign by going to Campaigns in the sidebar menu. 

Locate the campaign you'd like to edit and click View Campaign.

You will be directed to the campaign page. 

  • At the top right-hand side of the page, click Edit Brief. You’ll be able to edit any part of the campaign brief by expanding the sections in the brief. 

  • After editing the brief, click View Summary at the top right-hand corner for a quick overview of your campaign. 

  • Review the changes you've made to the campaign, then click Save Changes at the bottom of the overview. 

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