Community standards

To protect the safety and experience of our users, we’ve established a set of community standards.

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Community standards

In order to protect the safety and experience of our users, we’ve established a set of community standards that outline what types of behaviors are acceptable or not on

All users on are expected to adhere to these policies. Those who fail to do so can expect one or more of the following actions:

  • You may receive an email warning you about your behavior.

  • We may place limits on your usage of the platform.

  • Your profile may be suspended.

  • Your profile may be deleted.


To create a welcoming environment, we require that users refrain from conducting themselves in a harmful way. This includes:

  • Threatening behavior: Don’t convey an intent to harm others.

  • Bullying: Don’t demean or shame others, or otherwise act in an unwanted manner.

  • Harassment: Don’t promote violence against, or harass others based on ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, or disease.

  • Disrespectful language: Treat everyone with respect in every interaction. Don’t use language that’s insulting to others.


To ensure collaborations are successful, users must be counted on for their reliability in communications and commitments.

  • Breaking commitments: Unless there are extenuating circumstances, users should commit to and complete a collaboration they agreed to by the deadline that’s indicated.

  • Being unresponsive: Users should be responsive during collaborations. They shouldn’t fail to answer questions or fail to pay when collaborations are complete.

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