We offer a Personality Traits feature, powered by IBM Watson, that you can use to determine whether a creator’s tone of voice is compatible with your brand.

When you and creators join our platform, your brand and the creators' Instagram content will be scanned for personality insights. The analysis will be mapped out on the creators' profiles with an Overall Match Score.

These insights allows you to evaluate creators' fit based on personality types, in addition to Audience Demographics, content quality, reviews, and more.

To find a creator's personality analysis, click on Discover Creators in the sidebar menu.

When you find a creator you want to collaborate with, click View Profile. Below the creator's photo portfolio, click on the Personality tab.

Here, you'll find the personality analysis of the creator, which is placed on a scale alongside your brand's personality analysis. Above the scale, you can find the Overall Match Score, which shows how well matched a creator’s personality is to your brand’s personality. A high percentage indicates that the creator is a good match with your brand personality and values.

To understand what the different traits on the scale mean, hover over the i icon next to each trait. 

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