A creator accepted a booking request - now what? Here’s a list of things you should check as the booking progresses!

  • Understanding: Have you answered all the creator’s questions about the booking request?
  • Product: Have you sent the creator a product for the collaboration? Do you have confirmation from the creator that the product was received? 
  • Promo codes: Have you shared a discount code or link with the creator? 
  • Content: Is the creator publishing content that follows the requirements you outlined in the brief? 
  • Disclosure: Does the sponsored content include a disclosure (ie: #ad as the first word of a caption)? Learn more about disclosures here.
  • Due date: Is the creator delivering booking requests on time?
  • Deliverables: Did the creator add Deliverables (content & results) for you to review? 

If the creator successfully checked off all the requirements above, you can mark the booking as Completed! Learn how here.

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