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Are there any fees to use
Are there any fees to use

To help operate the platform, we charge a 10% service fee.

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Note: It’s 100% free to create an account on

We charge a 10% service fee from collaborations completed on

If a brand sends your managed creator a booking request and you accept it, you must coordinate with the creator to complete the booking. Upon completion, the 10% service fee is automatically deducted from your payment. You'll receive 90% of the agreed upon budget in your Wallet.

For example, let’s say you accept a booking request with a budget of €2,000 (excl. VAT). When the booking is completed you would receive €1,800 (excl. VAT) in your Wallet.

Note: Because is a Norwegian company, we're obligated to add VAT to our services. This is applicable only for creators who reside in Norway. If your creator lives in Norway, you’ll be charged a service fee of 10% + a VAT of 25%. This totals up to a fee of 12.5%.

This is the only fee on the site.

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