1. Where do I login as a talent agency?

Currently, you can use the brand login to log into your talent agency account.

2. Do Norwegian creator payments include VAT?

Yes, VAT is included in creator payments. Because inzpire.me is a Norwegian company, we're obligated to add VAT to our services. This is applicable only for creators who reside in Norway, meaning Norwegian creators will be charged a service fee of 10% + a VAT of 25%. This totals up to a fee of 12.5%.

For example, if a brand offered you 100€ for the booking, your payout will be 87.5€. 

3. How does inzpire.me work with talent agencies?

We get your talent agency and managed creators noticed by top tier brands on inzpire.me!

4. Do I need to invoice inzpire.me for completed collaborations?

No, all payments from completed collaborations can be paid out to your bank account directly from your Wallet. You can find your invoices there as well!

5. What should the average fee for mye creators be?

Instagram is the most popular channel for collaborations, so we suggest setting the creators' average fees as their cost for 1 Instagram post. If your creators don't have Instagram, you can base the fees on a full-video YouTube collaboration.

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