You may want to send a message to all or multiple people within a campaign. Rather than going through the hassle of sending each creator the same message, you can send a bulk message to all of them instead!

Follow these 5 easy steps to send a bulk message:

1. Click on Campaigns in the sidebar menu.

2. Here, you can select the creators you want to send messages to.

To send a mass message to all creators under a specific status, select the checkbox next to the status (ie: Accepted).

Note: You can select more than one status.

If you want to send bulk messages to a specific group of creators across different statuses, you can select the checkbox next to the creators’ names instead.

3. Once you’ve selected the creators you want to bulk message, click on Edit Selected in the upper right corner of the page.

4. Then, select Message.

5. Type in your message and click Submit. Your message will be sent to the selected creators.

You can view your Messages within the booking requests. You can also access them by clicking Messages in the sidebar menu.

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