Monitoring your campaign budget

Learn how to keep track of your budget in your All Collaborations dashboard.

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Monitoring your campaign budget in your All Collaborations dashboard is a great way to ensure you stick to your budget.

Your All Collaborations dashboard outlines all your booking requests in a kanban view. The kanban view is a card-based view that allows you to see your bookings in a visual way.

To access your All Collaborations dashboard, simply click on All Collaborations in the sidebar menu to the left of the page.

You’ll arrive at your All Collaborations dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to monitor your bookings and fees.

You’ll notice that there are different fees under the different campaign statues (ie: pending). Here’s what they represent:

  • Pending: Total budget of pending booking requests. Because creators haven’t accepted the booking requests yet, the fee hasn’t been committed yet.

  • Accepted: Total budget of accepted booking requests. Because creators have accepted the booking requests, the fees are held in escrow, but haven’t been paid out to creators yet.

  • Completed: Total budget paid out to creators so far. Once you’ve marked the booking requests as complete, the fees in escrow automatically transfer to the creators’ Wallets.

Monitoring your budget in Pending and Accepted is important to avoid going over your budget. If you notice that you’re close to hitting your budget in the Accepted column, you may need to consider cancelling pending booking requests before the creators accept them.

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