If you want to contact brands in Discover Brands, it's important that you send them customized messages.

When looking for influencers to collaborate with, brands search for influencers who genuinely love their products, services, or apps. 

By sending generic messages to brands, it shows the brands that: 

  • You may not be familiar with the brand
  • You may not be genuinely interested in collaborating with the brand
  • You haven't researched who the brand is 
  • You haven't taken the time to write the brand a message 

Even more, a generic message may not even apply to the brand at all.

Remember, it's easy for brands to tell when a message is written with the purpose of being sent out to multiple brands. 

If you want to work with a particular brand, writing them customized messages is the first step towards creating collaborations. Here's how you can write one:

  • Introduce yourself and your social media channels. Tell the brand what you typically post about (ie: Fashion). Your social media channels should be relevant to the brand. For example, if you post about Fashion, you should search for a Fashion brand to contact. If you don't typically post about Fashion, but you still want to collaborate because you love the brand's products, be sure to explain how you can use your social media channels to promote them in a creative way. 
  • Let a brand know why you want to work with them! Brands want to collaborate with influencers who suit their values, and if you're an influencer who's unfamiliar with who they are, it'll be difficult for them to see how you can promote them genuinely. 
  • Provide suggestions about how a collaboration with you could go. Brands are curious about how you will be able to represent them in collaborations, so share some of your ideas!
  • Give them some insights into your social media audience. For example, if you're contacting an Italian brand, the brand may be curious about whether you have an audience that is mainly based in Italy. 
  • Tell the brand what you want in return for the collaboration. You may want products or a fee, so give the brand an idea of what you expect!

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