When you're searching for an influencer, you'll notice 4 tabs on the left side of each search result. From top to bottom, the tabs symbolize Profile, Portfolio, History, and Notes

The Shortlist, View Profile, and Hide Profile buttons within each search result will remain visible to you when you're moving between tabs. This will give you the ability to quickly Shortlist an influencer if you want to bookmark the influencer for a future collaboration. You can click View Profile if you are interested in learning more about the influencer. If the influencer is not a fit for your brand, you can Hide Profile, and the influencer's profile will be hidden from your search results. 

If you click on the Profile tab, you can easily get an overview of the influencer. At a quick glance, you can see the category the influencer publishes posts in, the number of recommendations the influencer has from brands, the number of endorsements the influencer has from other influencers, the influencer's social media channels and their respective number of followers, and the influencer's average fee.

You can also choose to take a look at the influencer's Portfolio to see what type and quality of photos the influencer publishes and the level of engagement the influencer has for each photo (ie. likes and comments). The portfolio will display the first 5 photos of the influencer's connected Instagram page. 

In the History tab, you will be able to see whether you have had any past collaborations with the influencer or if you have any pending booking requests.

Lastly, you can take Notes on the influencer. For example, you may want to remember that the influencer takes amazing rustic photos of food and has great engagement levels. You can add a note about the influencer for future reference, and the note will only be visible to you.  

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