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What's Know Your Customer (KYC)?
What's Know Your Customer (KYC)?

Learn what KYC is and how it affects your payout requests as a creator.

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What’s KYC?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a process used by banks to authenticate the identity of its clients. This procedure is used to ensure bank services are not being misused and to prevent identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering, and the financing of terrorism. This is required by European law, and our payment provider, MangoPay.

How do I start the KYC process?

Before withdrawing your payments from your Wallet on, you'll first need to undergo the KYC process and offer some additional information to verify your identity.

To start the process, click the Wallet icon in the sidebar menu. Within the KYC Verification Required info box, select Start Verification.

What documents am I required to submit?

To verify your identity, you'll be required to provide two or more documents. The specific documents needed will vary depending on whether you are a Natural person, Sole trader or a Business.

  1. Natural person: You're a private individual.
    If you're a Natural person, you'll be required to submit Proof of identity and your Date of birth.

  2. Sole trader: You have a business, and you're personally liable for all aspects of the business, including any tax and financial debts.
    If you're a Sole trader, you'll be required to submit Proof of identity, your Date of birth, and Proof of company registration.

  3. Business: You have a business that's a separate legal entity, and your business is liable for any debts.
    If you're a Business, you'll be required to submit Proof of identity, your Company number, your Date of birth, Articles of association, and UBO declaration.

Identity Proof

Approved identification types can vary depending on your location. Check the list below to see whether your identification is approved, then upload a clear scan of it.

Passports are the only approved form of identification for all countries.

For other forms of approved identification:​

  • USA, UK, & Canada: Driver's license.

  • EU: Driver's license, government issued ID card (front & back), or residence permit.

Registration Proof

Provide a document that certifies the registration of your company. It must have been issued within the last 3 months.

Articles Of Association

Submit a legal document that specifies what your company does, defines your company's purpose, business name, registered address and shareholding,

Ultimate beneficial owners (UBO) Declaration

This refers to shareholders who own more than 25% of capital or voting rights in your business. Fill in the form in the UBO step. You'll be asked:

  • Full name, Country, Address, Nationality, City of Birth, Country of Birth, and Date of Birth.

Company Information/number

Type in your company number, which is given to you by your state authority.

Requirements for Creators from Norway, Sweden, or Finland

If you're a creator from Norway, Sweden, or Finland, you can find the information required to complete the KYC process here:

Once you upload the necessary documents, click Submit Application. Your request will be reviewed and processed within 72 hours.

When your identity is verified by our payment provider, you'll be able to request a payout as you would normally.

Is this process safe?

When you send information to complete the KYC process, your data is not stored on It's stored with our payment provider, MangoPay, who is an EU licensed and regulated financial institution.

MangoPay has security measures in place, which includes encryption and other measures, to guarantee the confidentiality and security of your data. You can read more about how your data is secured here.

Any questions? Feel free to send us a chat!

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