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Track your results with Reports
Track your results with Reports

Access key campaign metrics in real-time.

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You can view the real-time status and performance data of all your campaigns in your Reports dashboard.

To access Reporting, click on Reports in the sidebar menu. You can filter by one or more campaigns to control which report you see.

Once you’ve selected campaigns to view reporting for, you'll get an overview of the following:

  1. Campaign Summary: includes stats such as number of creators, publishing dates, and creator booking acceptance rate

  2. Budget: Your budget broken down into pending, committed, and spent, plus your CPM.

  3. Performance Summary: All your metrics broken down by channel, including reach, impressions, and engagements.

  4. Content Performance Table: A full overview of how each piece of content performed

  5. Creator Performance Table: A full overview of how each creator performed

You can export your content performance or creator performance tables by clicking Export in the top-right of the screen, then selecting the relevant option.

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