You can choose to receive your payment in either USD or EUR. If the brand's currency differs from your default currency, the payment will be charged in your default currency.

The exchange rates will be based on the data provided by Yahoo Currency Converter. The rate will be updated every day, but it may differ slightly from the real-time market rate. 

When you receive a booking request, the payment will be displayed in your currency. The payment will be approximate, as the exchange rate will not be locked in until you accept the booking request, and the payment will be based on the day's exchange rate. 

Please note that all conversion fees will be dependent on the brand's payment method and/or payment provider. The conversion fee will not affect your payment.

Changing your default currency

If you’d like to change the currency that you receive your payments in, please contact us by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the page or by emailing us at

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