If you're receiving collaboration requests from influencers outside our platform, you can send them a referral key to sign up on inzpire.me, making it easy for you to manage all your collaborations in one place.

To locate your referral key, click on Settings in the sidebar menu. Then, click General.

Scroll down to Referral Key. Your Referral Key will be marked in bolded text. 

You can share your Referral Key with influencers outside our platform. When influencers create an account on inzpire.me, they'll enter the Referral Key you've shared with them. 

Once they complete their profile, you'll receive a notification that they've created an account with your Referral Key in the Direct Messages overview, which will be highlighted with a Referral label above their usernames. From there, you'll be able to add the influencers to Shortlists, send them messages, and collaborate.

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