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How works for creators

What to expect from after you've registered as a creator

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For creators, is a platform that allows you to collaborate with brands, and receive payments safely.

Below is a summary of how works.

Get noticed by brands

Once you've created an account with, your Creator Profile will be discoverable by registered brands.

Brands use search filters, such as category, age, gender, location, and social media channel, to help them find creators they would like to work with.

You also have the option to apply to campaigns, to let brands know that you are interested in working with them.

👋 Note: To learn more about how to get noticed by brands, check out our article here.

Receive bookings

Once a brand would like to work with you, they'll send you a booking request. The booking request will contain all the relevant information about the proposed collaboration, including budget, timeline, and content requirements.

When you receive a booking request, you can decide whether to accept, decline, or negotiate the booking terms.

👋 Note: To learn more about bookings, check out our article here.

Collaborate with brands

Once you accept a booking, you can manage your whole collaboration on the platform.

You can communicate with the brand, share your content and results (deliverables), and even submit content for approval directly from your booking page, making managing your collaboration super smooth and convenient.

Get paid safely

Once you accept a booking request, the brand will be required to fund the booking. The funds will be kept safe, and placed in escrow with our payment provider, Mangopay. Neither you nor the brand will be able to touch the funds until the completion of the booking.

Once the brand confirms the delivery of the booking request, your payment will automatically be transferred to your Wallet. You'll be able to withdraw the funds at any time.

We charge a 10% service fee for every completed booking. You’ll receive 90% of what the brand pays you for the collaboration. So if a collaboration costs 100€, you’ll receive 90€. This is the only fee on the site.

👋 To learn more about getting paid, check out the our article here.

Exchange reviews

After the booking is completed, you and the brand will have the opportunity to review each other on your experiences, whether the experience was good or bad. is based on trust, so it's important to give honest and fair feedback.

The feedback will be visible on both your profile, and the brand's.

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