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Creator Screening: View referrals & campaign applicants
Creator Screening: View referrals & campaign applicants

How to view creators who've signed up with your Referral Link, or applied to your campaign.

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What is Creator Screening?

Creator screening provides you with an overview of all the creators who’ve either:

  1. Registered to using your custom Referral Link

  2. Applied to your campaign (see Campaign Applications)

Essentially, Creator Screening provides you with an overview of creators who wish to work with you. It can be accessed via the side panel menu.

How does Creator Screening work?

You'll be notified when a creator signs up with your Referral link, or has applied to your campaign.

Once a profile lands in Creator Screening, you can view the influencers Creator Profile to see their general information, insights, pricing information, and portfolio. Based on this information, you should have an idea whether you'd like to work with them or not.

After you've reviewed a creator, click the Actions button.

You can choose to:

  1. View Message Thread
    If you wish to start a conversation with the creator, click View Message Thread, you will be directed to the Inbox shared between you and the Creator.

  2. Add to Shortlist
    If you plan to work with the creator in the future, click Add to Shortlist. You can either add the creator to an existing shortlist or create a new shortlist. This allows you to save the profile, so you can invite the creator to a campaign at a later stage.

  3. Friendly Decline
    If there's a creator that’s interested in working with you, but isn't a good match, you can send them a Friendly Decline. When you click Friendly Decline, a default template for a Friendly Decline message will pop up. We encourage you to customise the message to make it more personal. The message will be sent to the creator, and the creator will be Archived and removed from your Creator Screening overview.

  4. Add to Campaign
    If you want to add a creator to a campaign, select Add to Campaign, then choose the campaign you'd like to invite the creator to. You'll then have the opportunity to customise some booking settings, such as whether you need content approval, the delivery dates, and your payment offer.

  5. View Creators Profile
    Learn more about Creator Profile here.

  6. Archive
    Selecting Archive will remove the creator from the Creator Screening overview. To Unarchive a creator, click on the All Applications dropdown, then Archived. On the creator you wish to unarchive, click Actions, then Unarchive. The creator will be moved back to the Creator Screening overview.

👋 Note: To create a custom template for your Friendly Decline message:

  1. Click the User Menu in the top left of the screen, then Settings

  2. Under Brand Settings, select Other Settings

  3. Edit your template, and click Save Changes. Your template will automatically appear the next time you select Friendly Decline.

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