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Onboard creators with your Referral Link
Onboard creators with your Referral Link

Share your Referral Link with creators outside the platform to manage your collaborations in one place.

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You might be contacted by creators outside the platform interested in collaborating with you, such as via social media or email.

Your custom Referral Link makes it easy for you to funnel all your influencer activities in one place.

What’s a Referral Link?

A Referral Link is a custom URL that brings creators to a unique landing page linked to your account. It’s automatically customised with your brand's name, logo and website.

You can use your Referral Link to direct all creators to sign up to the platform for a chance to collaborate with you.

Once creators have signed up via your landing page, you can handle all your collaboration requests, screen creators before deciding to work with them, and collaborate in one place.

Where do I find my Referral Link?

To find your referral link, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Creator Screening in the sidebar menu

  2. Click Copy Referral Link

  3. Paste the URL into your browser to view the Referral Link

How do I use my Referral Link?

There are a number of ways to share your Referral Link with creators to manage incoming collaboration requests, but also to attract new profiles to work with. You can share the link on:

  1. Websites and ambassador pages
    You can share your link on your website, for example, or on your order confirmation page. You can also create a new marketing page for ambassadors with your link, which directs creators who want to collaborate with you to sign up via

  2. Email templates/signature
    It can be very useful to include your Referral Link in your template responses to creators who contact you for collaborations using Instagram direct messages, email, customer service, and more!

  3. Email marketing

    You can create an email marketing campaign for customers who have already purchased your products. They could potentially be creators who may wish to collaborate with you!

  4. Social media channels

    You can also share your link with creators on your social media channels by, for example, including it in your Instagram bio.

How do I edit my landing page?

Your Referral Link follows a standard format, however you can edit your brand logo, brand name, and brand website displayed on the landing page in your Brand Settings.

  1. Click the User Menu in the top left corner, then Settings

  2. Under Brand Settings, click Brand Profile

  3. Edit the relevant fields, and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page

Where can I find creators who’ve signed up with my link?

When creators sign up, they’ll undergo a review process before being approved to the platform. Once they’re approved on the platform, you'll be notified that they've created an account with your Referral Link. You can find them under Creator Screening in the sidebar menu.

From Creator Screening, you can take the following actions:

  • If you'd like to work with the creator right away, you can send a booking request

  • If plan to work with the creator in the near future, you can add to shortlist

  • If you don't wish to collaborate with the creator, you can send them a friendly decline

Learn more about Creator Screening here.

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