Giving feedback
Feedback and how it works.
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When a booking is completed, both you and the creator will be asked to write a review about each other.

Getting good feedback from the creators you’ve worked with strengthens your image and credibility as a brand. is built on trust, so giving honest and fair feedback is important (both good and bad). You can message the creator if you haven't received feedback after a booking.

Your Overall Review score (based on all your reviews) will appear under your name on your profile.

A more detailed breakdown of your feedback will be visible under Reviews on your brand profile.

You give the creator a score in three areas: Communication, Quality of Work, and Reliability. You can write a short feedback sharing your experience working with the creator.

Creators give you a score in two areas: Communication and Reliability. They can also write a short feedback about how they liked working with you.

The feedback will be visible on your and the creators' respective profiles.

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