When your creator signs up with inzpire.me, their profiles will act as their new media kits. Their media kits contain valuable insights about their social media, and it’s easily shareable, so you can reach out to brands for collaborations off the inzpire.me platform too!

To start sharing your creators’ media kits, they’ll need to have the right profile visibility. There are 3 levels of visibility on inzpire.me:

Low: Your creators’ profiles are hidden from brands on the inzpire.me platform, and they can’t be shared with brands off the platform.

Medium: Your creators’ profile visibility is set to Medium by default. This means your creators’ profiles are only visible to brands on the platform.

High (recommended): Your creators’ profiles are visible to brands on the inzpire.me platform, and can be shared with brands off the platform too! You’ll find a link to share your creators’ media kits at the top of their inzpire.me profiles.

Having your profile visibility set to High makes interacting with brands a lot easier!

To change your creators’ profile visibility to High:

1. Go to your Managed Creators Dashboard by clicking on Accounts Dashboard in the sidebar menu to the left of the page.

2. Find the creator you want to change visibility for, then select Access Account.

3. On the top left-hand side of your creators’ media kit, click Make My Profile Shareable.

Once you’ve made your creators’ profile shareable, you can start proactively reaching out to brands you want to work with by:

1. Copying your creators’ unique links directly from the top of their profiles, or

2. Copying your creators’ unique links from the Managed Creators Dashboard.

You can include the link in your messages to brands to give them a clear idea of what value you can bring to their businesses. You can also add your creators’ media kit links to your website and social media bios!

Note: If you change your creators’ profile visibility to low or medium, the shareable links you previously generated will deactivate. This means anyone who had access to your creators’ profiles via those links will no longer have access. You'll need to create new unique links if you want to continue sharing your creators’ profiles.

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