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6 simple ways to get more bookings
6 simple ways to get more bookings

Optimize your profile and settings.

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You’ve created a profile, and brands know you’re open for collaboration, but now you want to get in the game. There are several reasons why you’d want to boost your number of booking requests:

  • You get to pick and choose your collaborations.

  • You can increase your total earnings.

  • You’re can get more impactful collaboration that speak to and engage your followers.

To get the ball rolling, here are 6 ways to get more bookings:

1. Make your profile shine

First, upload a profile photo, so your profile looks attractive and complete to brands who are browsing for creators to collaborate with.

Then, write something creative in your About section. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to brands and make a positive first impression. We know you’re an awesome creator, so let the brands know as well!

2. Add all your channels

Some brands look for creators in a specific channel. In other words, adding all your channels will make you relevant to more brands.

Creators can add up to 6 different channels, and brands will be able to see what distribution power you hold. Adding channels is also a great way to keep track of your social media insights in one place.

👋 Note: Make sure you reconnect your Instagram account every 60 days to maintain an updated profile.

3. Add external collaborations

By adding external collaborations in your Creator Profile, you can showcase a broader range of work, and brands can see your collaborations not associated to

Showing that you have past experience in content creation automatically boosts your image and credibility as a creator. It also lets brands know what they can expect from collaborating with you.

4. Give feedback

After the booking is completed, you and the brand will have the opportunity to review each other on your experiences, whether the experience was good or bad. is based on trust, so it's important to give honest and fair feedback.

Good feedback will be visible on your profile and gives brands an indication of how your quality of work, communication, and reliability is. The better the reviews, the better the impression you’ll have on brands, and the more bookings you'll receive.

Feel free to message the brand if they haven't given you feedback after a booking.

5. Set your price ranges

Brands want to know if you’re within their budgets. You’re likely to get more booking requests by sharing your price ranges and collaboration offers in Settings in your sidebar menu.

If you haven't worked with brands before, we recommend that you set lower price ranges to start with. Lower prices may help you attract more brands as you get started on

And remember that you can always accept, decline or negotiate a booking requests.

6. Share your Creator Profile

Don’t just sit back and wait for brands to come to you! You can start actively reaching out to brands off the platform with your profile, otherwise known as Creator Profile, for collaborations.

To share your Creator profile, you’ll need to check that your profile has High visibility. This will generate a link that you can add to your social media bio's, or anywhere else that brands may interact with you!

📚 to learn more about Creator Profiles, check out our article here.

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