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inzpire.me is a marketplace platform where brands and creators can connect across multiple social media channels, including Instagram, Youtube, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Podcasts.

We make it easy for brands to discover, connect with, and pay creators to create and publish inspiring content.

As a talent agency on inzpire.me, you’ll have full control over your registered creators’ inzpire.me accounts. You’ll be able to edit their inzpire.me profiles, receive and coordinate booking requests with brands, and view their real-time insights directly from their connected social channel(s).

Here’s how inzpire.me works:

  1. Discover

    Brands search for new creators by filtering on price range, specific categories, hashtags, location, channel types, engagement rate, followers range, languages, gender, and age.

  2. Connect

    When a brand discovers creators that can promote their product, they'll send the creators a booking request with a brief that describes the booking, a budget they’re willing to pay, and a delivery date. The booking request will be received by the creators’ manager(s).

  3. Collaborate

    Brands work with talent agencies to coordinate collaborations and publish inspiring stories. Brands provide their stories to talent agencies, and their creators use their creativity to publish captivating content on their social media to engage their followers.

  4. Measure & Repurpose

    Once published, the creators' content and results are automatically fetched from Instagram and uploaded to the platform for the brand. Brands can download the content from the Content Library for ads, social media, and more depending on what content usage rights you’ve agreed on.

  5. Pay

    When talent agencies accept a booking request, the brand will be charged the budget and the funds will be held in a secure escrow account until the completion of the booking. Learn more about payments here.

  6. Review

    Share the experience. At the end of the booking, brands and talent agencies will have the opportunity to review each other. The reviews will be made visible on the creators’ and talent agencies’ profiles. We’re all about transparency and creating a marketplace built on trust!

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