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An overview of your Creator Profile
An overview of your Creator Profile

Learn about your Creator Profile

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What is a Creator Profile? Creator Profile's are digital portfolios you can use to introduce yourself to brands. It's main purpose is to highlight your strengths so brands can see why you’re the perfect creator to work with!

When you sign up with, your Creator Profile will be automatically created with the information you added during the registration process, and key performance metrics fetched directly through your social media channel connections.

Here are some key features of your Creator Profile:

  • It's packed full of valuable data and insights that brands are looking for, fetched directly from your Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok channel connections.

  • It updates automatically every day, so you can avoid the trouble of updating your performance metrics manually

  • You can highlight your previous collaborations, to show brands what you're capable of.

  • You can add your pricing information, so brands can understand what your budget expectations are

  • It's easily shareable, so you can use it to reach out to brands for collaborations off the platform too.

Why should I have a Creator Profile?

Creator Profile's are fast becoming an industry standard. Many brands wants to see an informative and comprehensive Creator Profile, just like a traditional job would expect to see a great CV or resume.

Here are a few benefits of having a Creator Profile:

  • You'll appear more professional, credible, and trustworthy.

  • You can be prepared when brands reach out to you. Your Creator Profile is a efficient way for brands to quickly access and learn more about your work and insights.

  • They can help you to score better collaboration deals and negotiate better contract terms.

In a nutshell, having a great Creator Profile makes interacting with brands a lot easier!

How do I use my Creator Profile?

The main way to get most out of your Creator Profile is to get it seen by brands. There are two main ways you can get your Creator Profile noticed by brands:

  1. Add your Creator Profile sharable link in your social media bio's, or anywhere else that brands may interact with you!

  2. Include your Creator Profile sharable link when you proactively reach out to brands you want to work with via email or social media messages.

Here are some templates you can use to make it easier to reach out to external brands.

What information does my Creator Profile show?

Your Creator Profile contains all the information a brand is looking for to determine whether they'd like to work with you. This includes:

  • Basic profile information, such as your location, gender, age, and category.

  • Links to your social media channels.

  • Key performance metrics, such as reach, impressions, and engagements.

  • Demographic insights, including audience location, age, and gender.

  • A portfolio of previous collaborations on, and external collaborations you’ve completed off the platform.

  • Your pricing information for different types of collaborations.

How do I add external collaborations to my Creator Profile?

By adding external collaborations in your Creator Profile, you can showcase a broader range of work, and brands can see your collaborations not associated to

Showing that you have past experience in content creation automatically boosts your image and credibility as a creator. It also lets brands know what they can expect from collaborating with you.

Here's how to add external collaborations to your Creator Profile:

  1. Click on your profile name at the top left-hand corner of the page, and click Your Profile in the dropdown.

  2. On your Creator Profile, click Portfolio to view your past collaborations.

  3. Click the External collaborations tab, and then select + Add External Collaborations

  4. Add the Brand name, a Description of the collaboration, and the Timeline of the collaboration. Then, click Next: Upload Media.

  5. Here you can upload up to 10 different images or video files you’ve created for the brand in this collaboration. To do this, click Upload Media.

  6. Next, select the correct Channel your content was posted on, the Content type, and add a link to your sponsored content (Optional). Then, click Save external collaboration.

Your external collaboration is now updated! To add another external collaboration, simply repeat the same process.

How do I share my Creator Profile to brands outside

To start sharing your Creator Profile to brands outside, you need to have the right profile visibility. There are 3 levels of visibility on

  • Low: Your profile is hidden from brands on the platform, and can’t be shared with brands off the platform.

  • Medium: Your profile visibility is set to Medium by default. This means your profile is only visible to brands on the platform.

  • High (recommended): Your profile is visible to brands on the platform, and can be shared with brands off the platform too! You’ll find a link to share your media kit at the top of your profile.

Having your profile visibility set to High makes interacting with brands a lot easier!

How do I change my Creator Profile visibility?

To change your Creator Profile visibility to high, and make it shareable for brands outside, do the following:

  1. Click on your profile name at the top left-hand corner of the page.

  2. Hit Your Profile in the dropdown.

  3. Click Make my profile sharable, at your Creator Profile.

👋 Note: If you change your profile visibility to low or medium, the shareable link you previously generated will deactivate. This means anyone who had access to your profile via that link will no longer have access. You'll need to create a new link if you want to continue sharing your profile, to create a new link, simply repeat the same process.

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