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Add a new team member to your account
Add a new team member to your account

Granting admin access.

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To add a new team member to your agency, go to the sidebar menu and click Settings.

Under Business Settings, select Team.

You’ll have the option to add a team member in an Admin or Customer role.

What are Admin and Customer roles?

Admin roles are for team members in your agency who run campaigns directly for your clients. They require access to every feature on the platform to manage your clients’ accounts.

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Customer roles are for clients who require access to specific features on the platform. They don’t require Admin roles because they don’t manage their own campaigns.

Customers can view selected Shortlists, the Content Library, and the Reporting Dashboard.

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Adding a new team member to your agency

To add a new team member, click Add Team Member in the top right corner.

Type in the new team member’s First Name, Last Name, and Email. Then select whether you want the team member to have an Admin or Customer role.

Assign Accounts by selecting the checkboxes next to the accounts you want team members to access. If your team members should receive emails for the account, check the Receive Emails box under each of these accounts.

Select Save at the bottom right of the page, and an email with a signup link will be sent to the team member from

If you’d like to send your team members a link to signup directly, select Edit next to their name on the Team Settings page.

Then copy the signup link on the page and send it to your team members directly.

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