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The process of completing a booking - from start to finish
The process of completing a booking - from start to finish

Booking request - next steps.

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Follow these step-by-step instructions to complete a booking request!

1. When a creator you manage receives a booking request, you’ll receive an email notification with a link to the booking request.

2. Click Go to booking. You’ll be redirected to the booking request in the creator’s account, which contains the brief.

The brief will include a short description of the collaboration, what the brand wants to accomplish, the date the brand wants you to publish the posts by, usage rights for the content, and other important information.

The brand will also propose a budget based on pricing you’ve set for different types of collaborations. This budget may be higher or lower than the pricing you’ve set, depending on the scope of the booking. It’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to accept the deviation.

Note: If your selected payment currency differs from the brand's, there will be two approximated budgets. Our exchange rate is based on data provided by Yahoo Currency Converter. The exchange rate will not be locked in until you accept the booking request, so the final budget may vary.

You can decide whether to accept or decline the booking request.

You’re also welcome to negotiate the terms of the booking, such as the delivery date, by sending a message to the brand. Messages can be sent directly to the brand from the bottom of the booking request brief.

If the budget isn’t high enough, you can request a higher budget by clicking Decline Request. Select The Budget is Not High Enough as your Decline Reason.

You’ll be given an option to send a counter-offer. Type in a new budget and click Send Counter-Offer. The brand will normally get back to you within a few days.

If the brand agrees to the requested changes, the brand will edit the booking request.

3. If you accept the request, the brand will be charged and the funds will be held in an escrow account until the completion of the booking. Learn more about payments here.

After you accept the request and coordinate with your creator, the creator can begin the collaboration.

Note: Before your creators begin publishing for the campaign, be sure that their Instagram connection is updated. This will allow their published content and results to be automatically uploaded to the booking request as Deliverables.

4. Once your creator has published the required content for the booking, you may be required to upload Deliverables - your creator's sponsored content and their results - to the booking before delivering it to the brand. To check whether you need to upload Deliverables, go through different scenarios here.

5. Once all Deliverables have been uploaded according to the brief, click Mark as Delivered.

You’ll be asked to confirm the delivery of the booking.

The brand will confirm the booking has been delivered by clicking Mark as Completed. The funds will then automatically be transferred to your Wallet. A 10% service fee will be deducted from the payment.

Managed creators cannot withdraw funds on our platform. You’re responsible for paying your creators according to the agreement you have with them.

6. You and the brand will be asked to give each other a review that will be visible on your agency profile and in the portfolio section of your creator´s profile. is built on trust, so it’s important to give honest and fair feedback!

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