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How to add a new account

Learn how to create a new account for your client.

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You can create accounts for your clients on

Within the accounts, your clients can view selected Shortlists, the Content Library, and the Reporting Dashboard. You can access each account to edit and manage your clients campaigns directly.

To add a new account to your agency account, go to the sidebar menu and select Switch Account.

Here, you’ll find all accounts under your agency. You can add a new account by clicking +Create an Account.

Enter the Name of the brand and their Instagram Username, then click Save. You’ll be redirected back to your Accounts overview.

To complete the new account you've just created, you’ll need to access the account. You’ll be able to edit the brand’s profile settings, which include their Brand Logo, Industry Category, Brand Name, Brand Website, Country, and About.

To do this, scroll down to find the new account you created and select Access Account.

To edit account settings:

1. Click Settings in the sidebar menu to the left of the page.

2. Then, select Profile under Account Settings.

3. You can add the brand logo by clicking +Upload Logo. You can also add the brand’s Category or Country by using the dropdowns.

Check whether the Brand Name is correct. If it isn’t, type in the correct one. Then add the Brand Website.

Make sure to write a brief description About your brand and click Save Settings.

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