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How to navigate your Accounts overview
How to navigate your Accounts overview

Learn how to navigate to your clients’ brand accounts.

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To find all your active and inactive brand accounts, click on Accounts in the sidebar menu to the left of the page.

You’ll be able to access your accounts, or edit them.

Access an account

To access an account, simply click Access Account next to the account you want to access.

Using the features in the sidebar menu, you’ll be able to launch and manage campaigns for that account - from start to finish!

Edit an account

To edit an account, click Edit next to the account you want to make changes to.

You’ll be able to edit the account’s Brand Name and Instagram Username. Simply make the changes, and click Save.

You can also set an account to inactive by selecting Set Inactive. Doing this will not delete the account. You can make the account active at any time.

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