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An overview of your Managed Creators Dashboard
An overview of your Managed Creators Dashboard

Learn how to navigate your Managed Creators Dashboard.

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Where do I find my Managed Creators Dashboard?

To access your Managed Creators Dashboard, click on Accounts Dashboard in the sidebar menu to the left of the page.

How can I use my Managed Creators Dashboard?

With your Managed Creators Dashboard, you can:

1. Add new managed creators to your talent agency on

Once you’ve created profiles for your creators, they'll be visible to brands on the platform and ready to receive booking requests.

Note: Learn how to add a new creator here.

2. View Active and Archived Accounts by using the tabs at the top left of the page.

Archiving accounts allows you to hide specific creators’ accounts from appearing in the Managed Creators Dashboard.

3. Access your managed creators’ accounts to view their real performance and insights, follow their collaboration offers and statuses, and send and respond to messages from brands.

4. Copy your creators’ media kit links to share their profiles externally.

You can include the link in your messages to brands to give them a clear idea of what value you can bring to their businesses. You can also add your creators’ media kit links to your website and social media bios!

5. View and change the visibility of your creators' profiles.

Your creators’ profile visibility is set to Medium by default. This means your creators’ profiles are only visible to brands on the platform. To start sharing your creators’ media kits externally, they’ll need to have High profile visibility.

6. Get an overview of booking request statuses for your creators under Bookings.

7. View any unread Notifications for your creators. This can be new messages, booking requests, and other booking notifications.

8. View your creators' connected Channels.

A green checkmark on the Instagram icon indicates that your creators’ Instagram connection is valid.

An Alert icon indicates your creators’ Instagram connection has expired, meaning their profile insights are no longer updating.

9. Monitor your creators' signup statuses, send Instagram reconnection notifications, and view tasks to address for your creators’ profiles under Actions Required.

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