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A talent manager's guide to Inbox
A talent manager's guide to Inbox

Learn how messaging works as a Talent Manager

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Your Inbox in your central hub of communication between a creator's account, and a brand.

To access your messages and notifications, first select the relevant creator from the Creator Dashboard. Then, click on Inbox in the sidebar menu.

Message Types

Before we jump into the Inbox itself, its important to mention message types.

There are two types of messages you can send on

  1. General: These are messages between you and the brand, that are not tied to a booking. They are received when a message messages you directly from your profile page, or if a brand responds to your campaign application.

  2. Booking: These are messages between you and the brand, that are tied to a booking. All bookings will automatically generate a new conversation between you and the brand, for you to discuss booking related topics.

Your Inbox Overview

In the first column, you'll find a your Inbox Overview. This contains a list of all the brands you have been in contact with.

You can use the filters to find your most important messages and notifications:

  1. Message Type: Choose from (1) All Messages, (2) General Messages, and (3) Booking Messages

  2. Unread Toggle: Enable the Unread toggle to see only brands that contain unread messages

The search feature can be used to find brands you've previously communicated with. You can also also search for specific messages you've sent, or received from brands.

Your Conversation View

When you click on a message in your Inbox Overview, it will open in the second column, your Conversation View.

Here, you'll see an overview of your different conversations, separated into tabs. Your General conversation will always be listed first, followed by the Booking conversation with the newest message.

To view additional Booking conversations, click the + button to the right of the tabs.

Below, you'll find your conversation history. Messages you've sent will include a read receipt;

  • Grey ticks means your message is sent, but not read

  • Blue ticks means your message has been read by all members on the conversation

You'll also be able to see the online/offline status of a user, and when they're typing a message to you. Together, these features are designed to bring transparency, and encourage quicker responses.

Your Information Panel

And lastly, we have the Information Panel. Depending on your screen size, this will either be visible as a third column, accessible via the 3 dot menu, located in the top right of the Conversation View.

Here, you'll find some important contextual information:

  1. Members: This will show all users who have sent a message in the conversation.

  2. Media: Here, you'll find an overview off all attachments you have sent within the conversation, such as images, videos, or pdfs.

  3. Campaign Applications: When accessing a General conversation, you will see an overview of all the brands campaigns you have applied to on behalf of the creator.

  4. Booking Information: When accessing a Booking conversation, you will see some key information about the booking, including budget, deadline, and booking status. You can open the booking by clicking on the information box.

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