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How to add a managed creator to
How to add a managed creator to

Learn how to add a managed creator.

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To add the creators you manage to, go to the sidebar menu and select Accounts Dashboard.

Here, you'll be able to create a new profile for the creator by clicking +Add Creator.

Enter the creator’s Display Name and click Next.

Upload a Profile Photo, choose whether or not you want your creator to be visible to other creators on, and input the creator’s Location.

To complete your creator’s profile information, add Languages, pick a Category that best suits the creator’s channels, enter the creator’s Date of Birth, and Gender.

Lastly, write a brief description in the About section. This can be about your creator, your creator’s social media channels, and anything else you'd like to share about your creator. Be informative and creative! Remember, this will be the first impression you make on a brand.

Then, click Next.

Once you've created a profile for your creators, you’ll need to give them access to their account so they can connect their social media channels.

Note: When they connect their channels, we don't access any profiles or store any passwords. Learn more here.

To do this, add the creators’ First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Then, click Invite Creator. The creators will receive an email with a request for them to connect their channel(s).

Once you finish creating profiles for your creators, they'll be visible on the platform and ready to receive booking requests.

Be sure to grant access to the creators' managers to ensure they receive emails about pending booking requests, messages, and more! Learn more about giving managers access to a specific creator's account here.

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