To add the creators you manage to, go to the sidebar menu and select Accounts. Here, you'll be able to create a new profile for the creator.

Click on Create an account. Enter the creator's display name and click Save. Your creator will pop up under Accounts.

Once you've created an account for the creator, you’ll need to give them access to it so they can connect their social media channels. 

To do this, select Settings in the sidebar menu. Under Business Settings, click Team. Then, select Add Team Member at the top right hand corner of the page.

Fill in the creator's first name, last name, and email. Under role, select Managed Creator.

Scroll down to Assigned Accounts. Select the creator’s name to assign the creator to the account. 

Be careful not to click on Receive Emails when selecting creators. This is an option for their managers.

Then, click Save. The creator will receive an email with a request for them to connect their channel(s).

Note: When they connect their channels, we don't access any profiles or store any passwords. Learn more here.

To complete the creator's profile, they must connect at least one channel. You can check which channels the creator connected by going to Accounts in the sidebar menu. 

Click Access Account next to the name of the creator you want to check. Then, go to the sidebar menu and click on My Channels. If your creator connected a channel, you’ll see Connected next to the channel. 

Once you finish creating profiles for your creators, they'll be visible on the platform and ready to receive booking requests. 

Be sure to grant access to the creators' managers to ensure they receive emails about pending booking requests, messages, and more! Learn more about giving managers access to a specific creator's account here.

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