How do invoices work?

How to view your invoices.

Updated over a week ago creates a sample invoice for each booking based on the information provided by you and the brand. These sample invoices are made available in your Wallet.

In your Wallet, you have the option to filter your invoices by Date Range, helping you to easily view transactions from specific periods. Additionally, you can apply filters to see different Transactions Types.

πŸ‘‹ Note: If you don't see any invoices, you may need to edit the Date Range to include the time period of the bookings your are looking for.

To download a sample invoice:

  1. Click the Wallet menu item in the side menu

  2. Under Transactions, set the Date Range which contains the relevant booking

  3. Either click Download All Invoices, or click the 3 dot menu under the PDF column to download specific sample invoices. charges a 10% service fee for each transaction. To view the service fee for a booking, click Service Fee PDF under the corresponding booking transaction.

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