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Feedback and how it works.

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When a booking is completed, both you and the brand will be asked to write a review about each other.

Feedback is a way to show other brands that you’re a great creator to collaborate with! Getting good feedback from the brands you’ve worked with strengthens your image and credibility as a creator. is built on trust, so giving honest and fair feedback is important (both good and bad). You can message the brand if you haven't received feedback after a booking.

Your Average review score (based on all your reviews) will appear under your name on your profile.

A more detailed breakdown of your feedback will be visible under your profile Portfolio along with the brand’s name.

The brand will give you a score in three areas: Communication, Quality of Work, and Reliability. They’ll write a short feedback to share their experience working with you.

The sponsored posts and stories you’ve created, along with their corresponding performance and results, will also be visible here for other brands to see.

For your feedback to brands, you’ll be able to score them in two areas: Communication and Reliability. You can also write a short feedback about how it was to work with the brand.

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