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An overview of your creators’ influencer media kits
An overview of your creators’ influencer media kits

Learn about your creators’ profiles and media kits.

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What are influencer media kits?

Influencer media kits are digital portfolios that you can use to introduce your creators and their services to brands. They share information about who they are in a visually attractive way, so brands can see why they’re the perfect creators to work with!

When your creators sign up with, their profiles will also be their new media kits. They:

  • Are packed full of valuable insights and data that brands are looking for.

  • Update automatically every day, so they can avoid going through the trouble of doing it manually!

  • Are easily shareable, so you can use them to reach out to brands for collaborations off the platform too.

Why should your creators have influencer media kits?

Media kits are fast becoming an industry standard. Many brands expect to see well-made media kits, just like a traditional job would expect to see a great CV or resume. Having great media kits for your creators can help you in a number of ways. You’ll:

  • Be prepared if you’re approached by brands.

  • Seem more professional, credible, and trustworthy.

  • Create a simple way for brands to learn more about your creators’ work and key metrics.

  • Help you score better collaboration deals and negotiate better contract terms for your creators!

In a nutshell, having great media kits makes interacting with brands a lot easier.

How can I use my creators’ media kits?

There are a few ways you can use your creators’ media kits to get more collaborations. Learn how to share them with brands off the platform here.

  1. You can have your creators add a link to their media kits in their Instagram bios. Brands that check out their profiles will be able to access them and be impressed with your creators right away!

  2. If you already have media kits for your creators, add links to their media kits. This way, you can avoid overcrowding their existing media kits with data.

  3. Or ditch your creators’ existing media kits altogether! Then you can avoid doing the hard work of updating them all the time.

  4. Consider proactively reaching out to brands you want to work with. Include a link to your creators’ media kits in your emails, so it'll give brands a clear idea of what value they can bring to their businesses.

What insights does my creators’ media kit show?

By connecting their Instagram to their account on, we'll be able to show brands data such as their audience demographics, posting habits, content performance, and more. Brands use this information to determine whether creators are a match for them!

Their media kit includes:

  • Basic information, such as their location, gender, language, category, and pricing.

  • 6 of their most recent Instagram posts.

  • Reviews and results from previous collaborations on

  • External collaborations completed off the platform.

  • Their price ranges for different types of collaborations.

Instagram insights

  • The average engagement rate and reach of their most recent 50 Instagram posts, as well as their historical reach and impressions.

  • Metrics (reach, impressions, and engagement) of their highest and lowest performing Instagram posts and stories from their most recent 50 posts.

  • What cities or countries their audience is located in, as well as their age groups and gender.

  • Their most used hashtags and mentions.

  • Posting habits, such as how often they publish posts and videos a week.

YouTube insights

  • When they last published a YouTube video and their net subscribers gained (+) or lost (-) in the last 30 days.

  • Their total YouTube video views, average view percentage, video engagements in the last 30 days, and average views per video.

  • Engagement distribution chart: This chart shows how many likes, dislikes, shares and comments were generated in the last 30 days.

  • What countries their audience is located in, as well as their age groups and gender.

How do I see my creators’ media kits?

You can view your creators’ media kits in 4 easy steps! To do this:

1. Log into your account:

2. Click on Accounts Dashboard in the sidebar menu to the left.

3. Select Access Account under one of your creators to view their media kit.

4. You’ve now arrived at your creator’s media kit!

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