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Content Usage Rights

Learn what the different Content Usage Rights mean.

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If you plan to reuse sponsored content on social media, newsletters, emails, prints, websites, apps, or ads, you must indicate what content usage rights you'd like to have in your brief.

What usage rights options do I have?

In the Important Information step of the campaign creation process, you'll be able to choose between three types of content usage rights:

  1. Two-year usage rights
    You’ll be able to reuse the content for 2 years from the day the content is added to Deliverables.

    By accepting this brief, the creator grants you an exclusive and irrevocable license to modify and/or reuse any content that is submitted and approved for this campaign for the following purposes: (1) Posts on social media accounts, (2) Website(s) and mobile app(s), (3) Ads on social media, (4) Digital ads, and (5) Prints for 2 years after the content is provided.

  2. No usage rights
    You can’t reuse any of the content created in your campaign.

    By accepting this brief, the creator does not grant you any rights to the content created in any form.

  3. Custom usage rights
    You define the usage rights you’d like to have in the collaboration.

When creators accept your booking request, they also accept the content usage rights you've selected for your brief. All briefs on are the equivalent of a binding agreement.

👋 Note: Keep in mind that some creators may charge more for content usage rights. In the Content Library, you'll be able to view what content usage rights you have for each image by clicking on the content and go to the column for usage rights.

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