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Learn what the different Content Usage Rights mean for you as a creator

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Content usage rights define how a piece of content (image, video, social media post, etc.) can be used by someone other than the original creator or copyright owner - in this case, the brand.

If brands want to use the content you create, they’ll indicate what Content Usage Rights they'd like to have under Important Information in the Brief.

There are three types of Content Usage Rights a brand can choose between:

  1. Two-Year Usage Rights: The brand can modify and/or reuse any content that is submitted and approved for the booking for the following purposes: (1) Posts on social media accounts, (2) Website(s) and mobile app(s), (3) Ads on social media, (4) Digital ads, and (5) Prints for 2 years after the content is provided.

  2. No Usage Rights: The brand cannot modify and/or reuse the content created for the booking in any way.

  3. Custom Usage Rights: The brand will specify their own specific terms, which you must read carefully.

You’re welcome to negotiate the Content Usage Rights by sending a message or sending a Counter-offer to the brand before accepting the booking request.

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