To create an account on the web:

1. Go to and select Brand Sign-up directly on the homepage.

Alternatively, find the Sign Up box in the upper right hand corner of the webpage. Select Sign-up as a Brand.

You will receive a 14-day free trial when signing up. 

2. You’ll be asked to verify your email to continue. Check your inbox for an email from In the email, select Verify Email to continue your registration. If you don’t receive a link, select Re-send Link

3. On the Welcome page, fill the Password you’d like associated with your account. Add a Brand Name, Brand Website, First Name, Last Name, the Country you're located in, and Phone Number. Then, click Next

4. In the next step in the registration process, you can upload your brand logo and cover photo. 

Then, using the drop-down arrow, you can select or begin typing the Category that your brand belongs to. Select your Display Currency to choose which currency you'd like to view creators’ fees in. We currently have two currency display options: USD ($) and Euro (€). You can learn more about currency conversions and exchange rates here

Write a brief description in the About section. This can be about you, your brand, or anything else you'd like to share. 

5. After you've completed this step, select Complete Registration

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