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Our platform Instagram Pricing Calculator
Our platform Instagram Pricing Calculator

As a brand, learn to price creators based on their estimated performance using first-party Instagram data, and your target CPM range.

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Our Instagram Pricing Calculator is directly integrated on the platform to help you develop a fair pricing strategy, based on a creator's actual performance, and your target CPM range.

To access the Instagram Pricing Calculator, click the User Menu in the top left corner, then click Instagram Pricing Calculator.

👋 Note: You can also access the Calculator in the campaign creation process. To learn more, click here.

How to use the Instagram Pricing Calculator

To use the Instagram Pricing Calculator:

  1. Input the creators username or Instagram username. To calculate a price for creators who aren't registered to the platform, enter their Instagram username.

  2. Enter the number of Instagram posts and/or stories you’d like the creator to publish.

  3. If required, enter your own target CPM range, or use the slider to adjust the target

    CPM range. A target CPM range of €25 - €30 (or equivalent in your display currency) is set by default, since it’s the average CPM for collaborations on

  4. The Instagram Calculator Price, along with estimated performance metrics, will be calculated on the right-hand side!

How the Instagram Calculator Prices are generated

Our Instagram Pricing Calculator uses a CPM based model that takes the creator's estimated performance into account, as well as your target CPM range.

If the creator you’re pricing connected their Instagram account with, we’ll use first-party performance data to estimate the total impressions the creator is expected to generate for your collaboration.

👋 Note: If the creator hasn’t registered with, we don’t have access to this first-party data, therefore we generate a price based on our benchmark estimates. To view creator's performance data based on first-party data, invite them to register to with your Referral Link. Learn more about this here.

Setting your target CPM range

The target CPM range determines how expensive a collaboration will cost, compared to other ones. The higher the CPM, the more expensive the collaboration is. By default, the target CPM range is set to €25 - €30 (or equivalent in your display currency), which is the average cost per 1,000 impressions for collaborations run through the platform.

Hover over the info icons and CPM ranges on the Instagram Pricing Calculator to learn more about the different CPM ranges.

The target CPM range you choose for a specific collaboration will depend on a number of factors, including;

  1. Collaboration considerations, such as the country it’ll be in, the relative effort of the collaboration, your campaign goals, etc.

  2. Creator considerations, such as content quality, audience demographics, the influence a creator has, etc.

What’s the difference between the Instagram Pricing Calculator on the platform and on your webpage?

Here’s an overview of the main differences and similarities between the Instagram Pricing Calculator on our platform, and the Instagram Pricing Calculator on our webpage:

  1. Both calculators allow you to calculate a price for creators that are registered to, and those that aren’t.

  2. Both calculators use a CPM based model.

  3. The Calculator on the webpage is available to everyone. You must be registered with to access the Calculator on the platform.

  4. The Calculator on the webpage only uses our benchmarks to estimate creator performance. The Calculator on the platform can use first-party Instagram data to estimate creator performance, when available. That’s why the Calculator on the platform estimates creator performance and calculates prices more accurately.

  5. Only the Instagram Pricing Calculator on the platform allows you to adjust your target CPM range. The Calculator on the webpage uses a set CPM range of €25 - €30 (or equivalent in the selected currency)

🚨 Important Note: Instagram Calculator Price should be used as a guide. The Instagram Pricing Calculator was designed to give you a good starting point to help you understand and justify your pricing strategy. The price you ultimately offer and agree on with a creator will come down to more than just your target CPM and the creator’s estimated performance. To learn more about pricing strategy, click here.

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