The Instagram Pricing Calculator on the platform will help you develop a fair pricing strategy based on your creators' actual performance, and your target CPM range (Cost per Mille, i.e. cost per 1000 impressions).

To access the Instagram Pricing Calculator, click My Pricing in the sidebar menu.

Here’s how the Calculator works:

  1. To generate an Instagram Calculator Price using data pulled from Instagram, make sure your creator's Instagram channel is connected to their profile, and is up to date. If you’re required to reconnect your channel, you have to notify your creator to re-connect their Instagram channel on

  2. Enter the number of Instagram posts and/or stories you’d like to price.

  3. If required, enter your own target CPM range, or use the slider to adjust the target CPM range. A target CPM range of €25 - €30 (or equivalent in your display currency) is set by default, since it is the average CPM for collaborations on

  4. The Instagram Calculator Price for your creator, along with some key performance metrics will be calculated on the right-hand side!

How the Instagram Calculator Prices are generated

To generate the Instagram Calculator Prices, we use a CPM-based model that takes your creators' estimated performance into account, as well as your target CPM range. If your creators have connected their Instagram account, we’ll use first-party Instagram performance data to estimate the total impressions you’re expected to generate for the collaboration.

If your creators haven’t connected their Instagram account, we don’t have access to this first-party data. Instead, we estimate the total impressions you’re expected to generate based on our benchmark estimates.

Selecting your target CPM range

CPM (Cost per Mille) is a measurement used by marketers to measure and compare the cost of different marketing campaigns, including influencer marketing. It measures the cost per 1,000 impressions, i.e. how much it costs for a piece of content to be viewed 1,000 times.

The target CPM range on the Instagram Pricing Calculator determines how expensive your collaboration will cost, compared to other creator collaborations. The higher the CPM is, the more expensive the collaboration is.

By default, the target CPM range is set to €25 - €30 (or equivalent in your display currency), the average cost per 1,000 impressions for collaborations run through the platform.

If you set your creator's CPM to above €30, the Instagram Calculator Price will be higher when compared to the average cost of collaborations on Below €25, and the price will be below the average cost.

Hover over the info icons in the on-platform Instagram Pricing Calculator to learn more about the different CPM ranges for collaborations run through the platform.

The target CPM range you choose for a specific collaboration will depend on a number of factors, including;

  1. Your creator's unique qualities, such as content quality, their audience demographics, the level of influence they have, etc.

  2. Collaboration considerations, such as the relative effort of the collaboration, the brand reputation, etc.

When adjusting your creator's target CPM range, consider how their unique qualities compare to other creators on the platform. We recommend you balance this with keeping your fees competitive. It’s important to brands that they offer you and your creator a fair price, but if they can collaborate with a creator very similar to the creator you are managing for less - they will!

What’s the difference between the Instagram Pricing Calculator on the platform and on your webpage?

Here’s an overview of the main differences and similarities between the Instagram Pricing Calculator on our platform, and the Instagram Pricing Calculator on our webpage:

  1. Both calculators use a CPM-based model.

  2. The Calculator on the webpage is available to everyone. The creator must be registered with to access the Calculator on the platform.

  3. The Calculator on the webpage only uses our benchmarks to estimate your creators' performance. The Calculator on the platform can use first-party Instagram data to estimate your creators' performance, when available. That’s why the Calculator on the platform estimates their performance and calculates prices more accurately.

  4. You can price any creator with an Instagram Business/Creator account using the Calculator on the webpage. You can only price the creators' you are managing on with first-party Instagram data using the Calculator on the platform.

  5. Only the Instagram Pricing Calculator on the platform allows you to adjust your target CPM range. The Calculator on the webpage uses a set CPM range of €25 - €30 (or equivalent in the selected currency)

It’s important to note that the Instagram Calculator Price should be used as a guide. The Instagram Pricing Calculator was designed to give you a good starting point to help you understand and justify your creators' pricing strategy. The price you and your creators ultimately offer and agree on with a brand will come down to more than just your creators' target CPM, and their estimated performance.

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