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Is it safe to sign up and log into with Facebook, Google or Apple?
Is it safe to sign up and log into with Facebook, Google or Apple?

Privacy and safety concerns.

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When you select Facebook, Google or Apple to register with, you are electing to use your Facebook, Google, or Apple username and password to sign up/login. This is a login service offered by Google, Facebook and Apple.

The main security benefit of logging in with Facebook, Google, or Apple is that never gains your password, keeping your account secure, and information safe. Instead, Facebook, Google, or Apple confirms that your credentials are legitimate before logging you in.

Here are additional benefits of using Google, Facebook and Apple to sign-up/login:

  • They have ample security to protect your data from hackers - far more than most standard websites.

  • You won't have to remember yet another email and password combination for, since you can conveniently login using an existing authentication method.

  • It offers the convenience of changing your password (as often as you'd like!) on one channel, rather than multiple channels.

  • Two-Factor Authentication tied to your Facebook, Google, or Apple login method further boosts security, since accessing your account would require hackers to not only get your email/username and password, but also your phone.

🚨 Note: We highly recommend you set-up Two-Factor Authentication on all accounts where possible. You can find out more at Facebook, Google, and Apple help centres.

To reiterate, does not receive your password or any of your personal information and data from Facebook, Google, or Apple. Opting to sign up/login to using this login service does not grant us access to any of your information.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can check out the privacy information of each channel:

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