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Reconnecting your social media channels
Reconnecting your social media channels

Learn how to reconnect your social media channels with

Updated over a week ago uses access tokens to connect to your Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Facebook channels. When you connect a channel, these tokens are provided to us by social networks, with your permission, for a set period of time.

When these tokens expire, or become invalid, you need to reconnect your channel.

If you don’t reconnect your channels, we won’t be able to show your verified channel insights on your profile, so you might miss out on potential collaborations with brands.

How to reconnect your channel

To reconnect a channel on

  1. Click Channels in the sidebar menu to the left of the page.

  2. Check for a tooltip next to channels that are disconnected

  3. Click Connect, and follow the on-screen instructions to reconnect your channel

For detailed step-by-step instructions on channel connection, see our article: Channels, channels, and more channels!

FAQs about reconnecting channels

Why do channels disconnect?

The most common reasons a token will expire or disconnect are:

  1. The access token has reached their built-in expiration date: Access tokens have a built-in expiration date, so they don't provide third party apps like with data forever. Each social network sets their own authentication and expiration policy.

  2. You've made manual changes to your account settings: If you make changes to your channel's account settings, such as changing your username or password, your channel can disconnect from

  3. You've manually revoked's access: If you, or another account admin revoke's access via the social media account settings, this will also cause your channel to disconnect.

  4. The social network forced disconnection as a security protocol: To keep your account secure, a social network might disconnect your channel from when it identifies suspicious behaviour. This includes sharing logins between different devices, using false or alias usernames, and publishing content that gets flagged for copyright violations, or other inappropriate content.

What is the built-in expiration period of different channel access tokens?

The built-in expiration period is set by the social network, and are as follows:

  1. Instagram: Expire after 60 days

  2. YouTube: Don't expire

  3. TikTok: Expire after 365 days

  4. Facebook: Expire after 60 days

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