When creators sign up, their profiles on inzpire.me work as their influencer media kits. They're packed full of valuable first party data and insights that will make it easier for you to find creators for your collaborations!

What are influencer media kits?

Influencer media kits are digital portfolios that creators use to introduce themselves and their services to you. They share information about who they are and their social media channels in a visual way. They also update automatically, so you can be assured all the data you see is up-to-date.

What insights do media kits show?

The creators’ media kits are packed full of insights! We’ll walk you through each section below:


At the top of the media kit, you'll find the creators' 6 most recent Instagram posts. By clicking on each, you can see the type of content they typically post, as well as their posts’ real performance, such as reach, impressions, and engagements.

Basic information

Creators write their About section to introduce themselves to brands. They might mention what they tend to post about, what they’re passionate about, or what they’d like to work with.

Instagram insights

To understand how creators typically perform, check out the Insights tab. You'll find the creators' average engagement rate and reach of their most recent 50 Instagram posts. You'll also see their historic reach and impressions over the last 28 days.

Note: You can hover over the information icon to see what the different numbers represent.

Under Latest content performance for Instagram, you can hover over the bar graph to access more data for individual posts and stories. You'll also find the creators' highest and lowest performing content from their most recent 50 posts.

Posting activity

Creators should publish content regularly to gain followers and keep their existing ones engaged. You can review their Posting Activity to see how many posts and videos they post on average per week.

Audience demographics

Audience demographics will indicate whether creators have an audience relevant to your brand.

You'll find where the creators' audience is located (countries and cities).

You'll also be able to see their age groups and gender composition.

Hashtags & Mentions

Creators' hashtags and mentions will give you an idea of what the creators usually post about and whether they've collaborated with any competitors.

You'll want to work with creators who post about topics relevant to your brand - because they'll likely have an audience who would be interested in your products. For example, if you're an outdoor hiking brand, you'll want to collaborate with a creator who posts about outdoor hiking topics.

Youtube insights

If the creators have YouTube connected to their profiles, you can also check out their YouTube insights.

You’ll see how many net subscribers the creators gained or lost, as well as their total number of video views, in the last 30 days. You’ll find the percentage of a video the creators’ audience watches per view, on average, in the last 30 days. You’ll also see total video engagements the creators received in the last 30 days, as well as average views per video.

Engagement distribution chart

The engagement distribution chart shows how many likes, dislikes, shares, and comments were generated in the last 30 days.

Audience demographics

Audience demographics indicate whether creators have an audience relevant to your brand.

You’ll be able to see which countries the creators’ audience is located in.

You’ll also see their age groups and gender composition.


To get a better understanding of how creators typically perform in collaborations, check the Portfolio tab at the top of their media kit.

There, you'll find all the creators’ previous collaborations on inzpire.me, and external collaborations if they’ve added any. They list any reviews they may have received from other brands. You’ll also find the sponsored posts and stories they created, as well as the results they achieved.


To get an indication of what payment creators expect for different collaborations, check the Pricing tab at the top of their media kit.

Here, you'll find the creators' price ranges and collaboration offers, including price ranges for a single Instagram post, Instagram packages, Youtube video, and more! Learn more about price ranges and collaboration offers here.

When creating a booking request, you set a budget for the booking depending on the scope of the project. The budget will, by default, be set to 0.

The creator will then evaluate whether the budget is adequate, and may negotiate the budget that you’ve offered. The creator can also choose to decline the booking request you send them.

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