We value transparency at inzpire.me, which is why we allow registered creators and talent agencies on the platform to browse one another's profiles in Discover Creators.

As a talent agency on inzpire.me, you have the option of hiding your managed creators from other registered creators on the platform. They’ll only be visible to brands.

Before you make the decision to hide your creator, it’s important to keep in mind:

  • inzpire.me is a "closed" platform, meaning all creators and brands go through an approval process before getting access to the platform.

  • Sensitive information, such as contact details, booking requests, communications with brands, payments, and more aren’t visible on your creators’ profiles.

Here's how you can control your managed creators' visibility to other creators:

1. Go to your Managed Creators Dashboard by clicking on Accounts Dashboard in the sidebar menu to the left of the page.

2. Find the creator you want to change visibility for, then click the Settings icon. Select Edit Profile from the dropdown.

3. The Visible to Creators checkbox is selected by default. Deselect the Visible to Creators checkbox to hide your creators’ profile from other registered creators on the platform.

4. Scroll down and click Save Account to save any changes.

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