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Discover Creators: How to search for profiles
Discover Creators: How to search for profiles

Find the right creators for your campaign!

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Discover Creators is a tool that allows you to search our database of registered, approved profiles.

To begin, click on Discover Creators in the navigation menu on the left, then use our filters to help narrow down your search.

How it works

  1. If you're looking to find profiles with niche content or interests, such as cyclists, or vegans, start by using keywords and hashtags in our Search feature, accessible via the top right of the screen, or by clicking F.

  2. Next, narrow down your search criteria using our Main Filters: Channel, Location, and Gender. You can also sort the results by Recommended, Newest, or Highest Followers.

  3. Lastly, head to More Filters located in the top right to further refine your search criteria, including follower size, engagement rate, audience demographics and if you want to search for Individual Creators or Talent Agency Creators.

Tips & tricks

  1. When using hashtags and keywords in Search, make sure you include a variety of related terms to give yourself the best chance of finding relevant content (e.g. cycling, cyclist, bike, etc.)

  2. You should also consider using search terms in multiple languages where relevant (e.g. vegan, vegansk)

  3. When using keywords in Search, you'll notice you can view results from Flows, Creators and In Post Hashtags.

    1. Flows will show you profiles that have used the term in their post captions, in normal text OR as hashtags. View these results if you're looking for creators that more generally include the search term(s) in their content.

    2. Creators will show you profiles whose username or account handle include the search terms

    3. In Post Hashtags will show you profiles that have used the specific term(s) in a hashtag. View these results if you are looking for a specific hashtag trend.

  4. Channel Filters such follower size and engagement rate, are only visible when you filter by Channel.

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