There are several ways you can search for creators. Begin by signing into your account, then click on Discover Creators in the sidebar menu to the left.

You can search for creators using the Filters provided at the left-hand side of the webpage.

You’ll have the option of filtering creators by username, audience location, creator location, specific categories, channel types, age, hashtags, gender, and languages.

If you’re, for example, looking for a creator who posts content specifically in the Food & Drink category, start typing in Food & Drink in the Categories search box, or simply select Food & Drink from the dropdown.

If you decide to filter by Instagram as a channel, you’ll be able to filter by engagement rate and follower range as well.

You’ll also have the option of setting a minimum percentage of followers the creator should have in the country you’ve selected for audience location.

For all other channels, you’ll have the option to filter by follower range.

The filter will render several search results.

You can re-order the search results by using the Sort by option under Filters. You’ll be able to sort by Top creators, Followers, Most Reviewed, and Newest.

Select the creators you’re interested in and take a look at their profiles and connected social media channels. When you find the creators you want to collaborate with, send them a booking request or direct message.

Having trouble searching for creators? Send us a chat!

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