To access the Direct Messages overview, click on Direct Messages in the sidebar menu. All your incoming messages, outgoing messages, and collaboration requests will appear in the overview. 

At the top of the overview, use the search bar to find a specific message to view, and switch between different filter tabs to view your unread and archived messages.

Sending Friendly Declines

When you receive collaboration requests from influencers you're not interested in working with, you can send them a Friendly Decline message. A Friendly Decline message is a pre-populated message letting influencers know you're not interested in collaborating at this time. 

By hovering over the collaboration request the influencer sent you, you'll find the option to send a Friendly Decline message to the right of the message.

Click on the Friendly Decline button to view the message.

You can edit the message to personalize it for a specific influencer. When you're ready to send the Friendly Decline message, click Send and Archive. All Friendly Decline messages will be archived automatically. If an influencer replies to your message, the message will be unarchived and shown in the Direct Messages overview. 

If you want to create your own Friendly Decline template, you can edit the pre-populated template in Settings in the sidebar menu.

Archiving Direct Messages

If you want to archive a message, hover over the message you'd like to archive. On the right of the message, click on More Actions.

After clicking on More Actions, you will have the option to Archive the message.

When you click Archive, the message will be removed from your Direct Messages overview. 

To view or unarchive an archived message, use the View Archived tab at the top of the Direct Messages overview. 

All your archived messages will be visible here. If you'd like to unarchive a message, hover over the archived message. On the right of the message, click Unarchive. 

The message will be visible in the Direct Messages overview. 

Note: When an influencer replies in an archived message, the message will automatically be unarchived and visible in the Direct Messages overview.

Adding Influencers to Shortlists 

To add an influencer to your Shortlist, hover over the message of the influencer you'd like to add. On the right of the message, click Add to Shortlist. 

Using the dropdown menu, select a Shortlist to add the influencer to, then click Add to List. 

You can also click Create New List to create a new Shortlist to add the influencer to.

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