On inzpire.me, you can add up to 8 social media channels you are operating on. When you connect your channels, we will verify your followers/subscribers.

Note: When connecting your website blog, we require Google Analytics on your website to verify your weekly readers for brands. 

The channels you connect give brands information about where you have a community of followers and what distribution power you hold. When choosing channels, keep in mind that brands might be searching for specific channels to collaborate on. Brands can create bookings for one or more of the channels you have listed on your inzpire.me profile, so we recommend that you connect or add all channels that you are active in. 

Currently, only one account per social media channel can be added or connected to inzpire.me, so if you have two Instagram accounts, we recommend that you connect the account you are most active in. You can also add a link to your other Instagram account in your Abount Me section in your inzpire.me profile.

After signing up for an account on inzpire.me, you can still add or remove channel(s) by clicking Channels in the menu on the left hand side of the webpage.

Your connected channel(s) and number of followers for each of your channel(s) will be displayed on your inzpire.me profile. The number above the respective channel logo indicate the number of followers/subscribers you have for that specific channel. We update the numbers of followers/subscribers once a week.

Please note that connecting your channels only enables us to receive information such as follower count, likes, and usernames. We do not receive any passwords. Your passwords and personal information will be protected by the channels. For more information on privacy and security, click here

Solution to a Common Problem:

Once you've completed your profile, you might notice that you've accidentally connected the wrong social media account to your inzpire.me profile. Here's what you do:

  1. Click on Channels in the sidebar menu
  2. Locate the social media channel you'd like to change and click Disconnect
  3. Open another tab on the same web browser and log into the correct social media account you'd like to connect
  4. Return to the previous tab and click Connect 

The right account should now be connected to inzpire.me!

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