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What it means to connect your social media channel(s) to
What it means to connect your social media channel(s) to
Privacy, passwords, and personal information.
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When you create an account on, you’ll be asked to connect at least one social media channel to your profile.

When you do so, we’re provided with information like your number of followers and the engagement/views you receive. These numbers will be displayed on your profile page for brands, and they’re automatically updated every 1-2 hours.

Note: When you’re asked to log into your social media channel(s), you’re not giving us permission to access your social media channel(s). We don’t receive any of your passwords or personal information. Your information will be kept safe by the social media channel(s).

When brands are looking for creators, they’ll be able to quickly glance at crucial information, like your audience demographics and content performance, as well as your most used hashtags and mentions. They’ll also be able to click on and browse a particular social media channel that you've connected to your profile.

If they believe you’d be a good collaboration partner for their marketing goals, they’ll send you a booking request!

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