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Connect your creators' social media channels
Connect your creators' social media channels

Our guide to connecting social media channels to

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Adding your creators' social media channels to shows brands which platforms they're available to collaborate on, plus their verified audience size, and performance insights.

Creators will need to connect at least one social media channel to be visible on the platform. Creators can manage their social media channels via the Channels page, accessible via their Navigation Menu.

Connecting Channels

On, you can add up to 7 social media channels:

  1. Instagram

  2. YouTube

  3. TikTok

  4. Facebook

  5. Snapchat

  6. Blog

  7. Podcast

For detailed instructions on how your creators can connect their channels, head over to our article: Channels, channels, and more channels!

If your creator is struggling to connect their Instagram channel, we recommend you share this article with them: I'm having trouble connecting my Instagram channel

We recommend that you ask creators to add all channels they’re active on, since brands can create bookings for one or more of the channels they have listed on their profile.

Currently, only one account per social media channel can be added or connected to So for example, if your creator has two Instagram accounts, we recommend that they connect the account they’re most active in, or consider creating two accounts for them.

The connected channels will be displayed on the creators profile. For Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Facebook, we update their stats, such as followers, views, and engagements, every 1-2 hours.

Note: Connecting channels only enables us to receive information such as follower count, likes, and usernames. We don’t receive any passwords. Passwords and personal information will be protected by the channels. For more information on privacy and security, click here.

Useful resources for channel connection

Below are a list of related articles written for creators, that contain useful information about connecting channels:

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