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Campaign management essentials
Campaign management essentials

Learn how you can stay updated on the progress of your campaigns.

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Explore this article to learn how to master campaign management! In this article, we'll cover how to check the status of bookings, manage your budget, and wrap up your campaigns.

The Dashboard

Your Dashboard provides you with a clear overview of your campaigns, and is accessible from the sidebar menu. From here, you can easily track your bookings to stay organised and up-to-date.

The Dashboard is set up in a kanban format, with bookings organised in columns representing the different stages of the collaboration process: Pending, Accepted, Date Due, Delivered, Completed, Declined, and Expired.

The bookings will automatically move from column to column when their status changes. For example, when a creator accepts your booking request, the booking will automatically move from Pending to Accepted.

Here are the main Dashboard features:

  • Booking filters: Use the All Campaigns dropdown to by campaign name, the Labels dropdown to filter by Labels.

  • Labels filter: Use the All Labels dropdown to filter bookings by Labels. You can learn more about labels here.

  • Booking status filter: Click the Booking Status dropdown to select which booking status columns you would like to see.

  • Booking status column heading: See the number of bookings and total booking value for each booking status at the top of each column.

  • Booking cards: These display the creator name, campaign name, budget, delivery date, and any labels you have added to the booking. Click the booking card to open the booking.

👋 Note: Completed by Admin and Cancelled bookings are hidden by default, so you should use the Columns Filter if you wish to see these bookings.

Booking Statuses

Booking are automatically assigned a status, depending on which part of the collaboration journey they are in:

  • Pending: The creator hasn't responded to your booking request yet

  • Accepted: The creator has accepted your booking request. The delivery deadline has not arrived, nor has the creator marked the booking as delivered.

  • Date Due: The delivery deadline has been reached, or has passed, and the creator hasn't marked the booking as delivered. You should verify with creators that they have published the required content, and request they add their content and results to Deliverables if they haven't already.

  • Delivered: The creator has marked their booking as delivered to notify you that they have added all content and results to deliverables. They are waiting for you to mark their booking to be marked complete, so they can get paid.

  • Completed: You’ve marked the bookings as complete, and the fees in escrow have automatically transferred to the creators Wallet.

Monitoring your campaign budget

There are a number of ways to monitor your budget:

  1. Check the booking status column heading, so you can see the total booking fees for each kind of booking status

  2. From the Campaigns page, you can check the column "Budget" to see to total value of accepted bookings (the total value of accepted, date due, delivered, and completed bookings)

  3. From the Reporting dashboard, you can also see a budget overview split into budget pending, budget committed, and budget spent.

Monitoring your budget in Pending and Accepted columns is important to avoid going over your budget. If you notice that you’re close to hitting your budget in the Accepted columns, you may need to consider cancelling pending booking requests before the creators accept them.

Managing Deliverables and completing bookings

In most cases, when a creator has published all the required content, added the content and results to deliverables, the creator will mark their booking as Delivered. This is to notify you that they are ready to have their booking marked as complete.

To learn more about managing deliverables and completing bookings, click here.

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